Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Money affirmations are a powerful way to attract wealth and abundance. If you want financial prosperity say them daily to become a money magnet. Are you ready to welcome unexpected money into your life?  Use these affirmations below.

Money Affirmations 

  1. I am wealthy
  2. Money flows to me easily
  3. I have an abundance of money
  4. There is no lack in my life
  5. I have multiple streams of income
  6. I have more than enough
  7. Money does not control me 
  8. I have a good relationship with money
  9. I have a mindset of abundance and not lack 
  10. I am a money magnet
  11. Unexpected money in coming my way
  12. I am not afraid of money 
  13. I make smart financial decisions
  14. I am free from debt, suffering and poverty
  15. Money is overflowing into my life
  16. My money surpasses my needs
  17. I receive my financial breakthrough
  18. I am claiming my wealth
  19. I am claiming my new life of abundance 
  20. I welcome prosperity into my life
  21. My finances are in order
  22. My net worth is increasing
  23. I am financially wise 
  24. I am creating generational wealth
  25. Money will always follow me

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