21 Love Affirmations To Attract Love And Happiness In Your Life

Are you looking to find love and desire to be in a healthy and long lasting relationship? Well, these love affirmations will help you to attract love and happiness in your life.

Say them everyday to prepare your mind and heart to be open to receive unconditional love.

21 Love Affirmations

  1. I am ready to give and receive love 
  2. I am open to love 
  3. I welcome a healthy and loving relationship into my life
  4. Love is all around me
  5. I am worthy of love 
  6. I deserve to be loved unconditionally
  7. There is a healthy balance in my relationship 
  8. I love myself 
  9. My happiness does not depend on a relationship 
  10. I am attracting my true love
  11. There will be mutual respect in my relationship 
  12. My future relationship will have an abundance of love
  13. My heart is open to love
  14. My mind is ready for love
  15. My partner is a wonderful and loving person
  16. I am letting go of hurt and opening my arms to receive love
  17. My partner is beautiful inside and out
  18. I will be in a stable and long lasting relationship
  19. I will not settle
  20. I desire to be loved and happy
  21. I love my life

Everyone deserves to find love and be with someone who makes them feel special.

Remember, that it is important that you love yourself first before looking for love from someone else.

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