Mouthwatering Herb Potato Wedges That Are Easy To Make

This herb potato wedges recipe is a wonderful dish you can make at home.  With the right seasoning ,you can take regular potatoes and make them flavorful. We made these wedges with the skin and added some oregano.

All you need is a simple ingredient and you can make them in  57-60 minutes. Prep time is minimal, taking about 12 minutes and then you can pop them in the oven.

You can dip them in any sauce you like. They can be a great side to pair with any meal for dinner or lunch.

Learn how to make the best herb potato wedges by checking out our recipe below.

PREP TIME: 12 mins

COOK TIME: 45 mins

TOTAL TIME: 57 mins


  • a large bowl
  • a cutting board
  • a knife
  • baking sheet
  • foil


  • 6 medium russet potatoes
  • 1¼ tbsp oregano
  • 1¼ tbsp vegetable oil
  • salt

Herb Potato Wedges Recipe


1. Gather all ingredients


2. Preheat oven to 400°

3. Wash the potatoes thoroughly and rest in a bowl of water

4. Cut of any bruised parts

5. Line baking sheet with foil

6. Cut potatoes in half

A potato cut in half

7. Slice each half into medium sized wedges

Potatoes cut into wedges

8. After cutting wedges place them back in the bowl of water

9. Remove and rinse the potatoes to get rid of excess starch

10 Sprinkle oregano

11. Pour vegetable oil over

12. Sprinkle salt to your liking

13. Thoroughly mix to coat the wedges evenly

Raw potatoes seasoned with herbs

14. Evenly coat pan with vegetable oil

15. Place wedges on baking sheet (Put large cut potatoes around the edge of the baking sheet)

Herb Potatoes Wedges on Baking Sheet

16. Place on bottom rack of oven for 45 minutes

17. Remove from oven

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