Insanely Simple Celery Juice Recipe For Beautiful Skin

This celery juice recipe is healthy and it can do wonders for your body. It is best to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

What are the benefits of drinking celery juice

  • Better digestion, reducing constipation
  • Hydrates skin to improve appearance
  • Keeps scalp hydrated to promote hair growth
  • Reduces inflammation so your body can heal itself
  • Assists with anxiety and depression
  • Helps with weight loss

How to make celery juice

You can make celery juice without a juicer in the blender. Add water and blend it until it is smooth. Finally you should use a nut milk bag or strainer to remove the pulp.

Celery juice recipe

Here is an easy recipe you can follow to make celery juice fast. We use a juicer for this recipe. Instructions are also included for any blender or Nutribullet.

PREP TIME: 7 mins

TOTAL TIME: 15 mins


  • Juicer or Blender
  • Strainer or Nut milk bags (to remove pulp)


  One stalk of celery


 1. Get one stalk of celery


2. Separate the celery stems

3. Wash each stem thoroughly to remove dirt

4. Remove the bottom and top of each stem

5. Put the celery into your juice or blender of choice

6. Strain the juice to remove pulp

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